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Fix Any Color v1.60 Released - SRS1 Software, LLC announces the availability of Fix Any Color v1.60 for Windows... more...
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Fix Any Color

"Make all the COLORS in your digital photos look absolutely PERFECT..."
Fix Any Color
Fix Any Color benefits
Separately set the colors of any items in a photo
Fix Any Color benefits
Perfectly match real world colors...
Fix Any Color benefits
... or make color better than reality  
Fix Any Color benefits
Simply click on an item to change its color 
Fix Any Color benefits
Pro quality results at a low price
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Sample Results

See how much better your photos can be - Make your photos' colors look perfect (totally customized by you), in just a few clicks...

Product Description

Perfect color all items in your photos...

Fix Any Color lets you selectively adjust colors in your digital photos. It combines sophisticated L*C*h* color processing and fuzzy logic technology with an easy-to-use interface. Simply click on the color to fix, and then adjust the lightness, saturation and hue of that color. Before/after live views of your photos are always displayed so that you can easily see the results of your edits. With Fix Any Color, your digital photo colors can exactly match, or look even BETTER than reality (greener grass, more tan skin, or whatever else you want). Pro photographers use this kind of selective color editing to make their photos look absolutely perfect. With Fix Any Color, just about anyone can now make improvements like these to their photos.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2012, Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003

Demonstrations / Screen shots

Screen shot

  • Main window - This is the main Fix Any Color interface. The original and final images are always displayed side-by-side. This makes it easy see exactly what color changes you are making.

Video Demos / Tutorials

testOrig Demo Video - This video shows how to change/improve the colors in your photos with Fix Any Color.   To demonstrate this, we change the color of a car in one image. In another portrait image, we improve the skin tone and make whiter teeth.


For support, see the demo videos, the Fix Any Color help file, and the Frequently Asked Questions listed below here...

Frequently Asked Questions

Version Info

V1.60 (latest version)

  • Larger Views Enabled - Allows larger view of your images on screen
  • Upgraded .NET Version Used - Upgraded the version of .NET libraries used for better compatibility.
  • Other Minor Improvements - Other various minor improvements were impelemented.


  • Additional Image Format Supported - Added support for 32 bit/pixel (ARGB) PNG images
  • Other Minor Improvements - Other various minor improvements were impelemented.


  • Updated for Latest Windows - Updated to work best with the latest versions of Windows
  • Other Minor Improvements - Other various minor improvements were impelemented.


  • Improved performance - Quicker image processing
  • Better compatability with all Windows versions - Full support for all desktop versions of Windows
  • Other Minor fixes - Other various minor improvements were impelemented.
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