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Email Forwarder

"Forwards your Microsoft Outlook emails to any other email address or to a cell phone... and requires NO configuration..."
Email Forwarder
Email Forwarder benefit
Forward emails to a remote email address or cell phone
Email Forwarder benefit
Requires no special configuration or IT support
Email Forwarder benefit
Works through corporate firewalls
Email Forwarder benefit
Optional filters for forwarding only important messages
Email Forwarder benefit
Simple to use & free!
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Product Description

Forward your Microsoft Outlook emails to your cell phone or other email address...

Email Forwarder will selectively forward your Microsoft Outlook email messages to one or more remote email addresses, or to your cell phone. It requires no configuration (other than telling it where to forward your messages), and it even works through corporate firewalls. You can also create custom filters to selectively forward messages based on the sender or message text. For example, if you are expecting an important email from a particular person, then you can set Email Forwarder to forward all emails received from them to your cell phone. Email Forwarder can help you stay in touch while you are away.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2012, Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003

Demonstrations / Screen shots

Screen shots

  • Email Forwarder main window - This screenshot shows what Email Forwarder software looks like. You just just to specify the email / cell phone address where you want your messages forwarded, and also how often to check for new messages. There are other options settings available that you can set as well.
  • Email Forwarder Optional Settings - This shows the optional settings that you can set with Email Forwarder. Some settings let you setup filters to only forward email from specific senders or messages that contain certain text.


For support, see the Email Forwarder help file, and the Frequently Asked Questions listed below here...

Frequently Asked Questions

Version Info

V2.07 (latest version)

  • Usage - Is now free to use. Purchase is not required.


  • Compatibility - Minor compatibility fixes
  • Minor Fixes - Contains several other minor defect fixes


  • Compatibility - Better compatibility with non-English version of Windows
  • Minor Fixes - Contains several other minor defect fixes


  • Compatibility - Compatible with all desktop versions of Windows
  • Other Efficiency Improvements - Other various minor improvements were impelemented.
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