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Data Curve Fitting Survey
Please try your best to answer these questions about curve fitting, data analysis, and Microsoft Excel. Your answers will really help us produce software that is useful and that best meets your needs. Thanks!

(1) Have you ever used Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in Software?
(2) If so, what are the greatest benefits that you get from Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in?
(3) What would you like to see improved or added to Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in?
(4) What application (e.g. financial, research, engineering, etc.) do you use data analysis for?
(5) What are the biggest challenges or inconveniences that you encounter when curve fitting data?
(6) What other data analysis or curve fitting software do you use?
(7) How did you find out about SRS1 Software, LLC's data curve fitting software?

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