SRS1 Software, LLC Releases Email Forwarder v2.05

Simple Email Forwarding Software Keeps Users in Touch With Their Email Remotely

Newton, MA (September 1, 2011) -- SRS1 Software, LLC announces the availability of Email Forwarder v2.05 for Windows. Email Forwarder is a simple software application that monitors Microsoft Outlook on a user's PC, and forwards new messages to any cell phone or email address.

Staying remotely connected to email is a necessity for many people today. Unfortunately, most options for staying connected are complicated, require setup by IT administrators, and can require users to have a particular type of hardware (e.g. a particular type of cell phone). In addition, firewalls and other restrictions can further complicate remote connection to email.

Email Forwarder software is a simple, client-side solution for keeping users remotely connected to their email. Email Forwarder requires no special hardware, and no IT support to setup and run. It monitors the user's Microsoft Outlook inbox and forwards new messages to wherever the user has specified. The software uses automation to mimic a user performing these actions manually. As long as a user is allowed to forward messages from their inbox, then Email Forwarder will work.

Email Forwarder also includes optional message filters that give users more control over which messages they want forwarded. For example, a user could setup the software to only forward messages that come from a particular critical client, or only forward messages regarding a particular subject. According to a spokesman from SRS1 Software, LLC, "The filtering is really flexible and is a key feature. Users, and especially small businesses, like our software because it can be installed without any assistance from an IT department, and can be setup to notify users when critical emails arrive. The only requirement is that the user is using Microsoft Outlook as their email client."

Email Forwarder is available for purchase from A fully functional trial version, demos, and further information are also available on the website. Volume discounts are available.

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