SRS1 Software, LLC Releases Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in v2.6

Constrained Spline Interpolation functions added to spreadsheets by new Add-in

Newton, MA (April 30, 2015) -- SRS1 Software, LLC announces the availability of Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in v2.6 for Windows. This newest version of the software enables more advanced spline interpolation of data in spreadsheets.

Engineers, financial analysts and other professionals depend on spreadsheets as a vital tool for organizing, analyzing and presenting data. Spreadsheets increase productivity because they are easy to use, intuitive, and flexible. Yet, despite these benefits, they do not always meet the technical needs of all users. Many curve fitting and forecasting operations are difficult or impossible in spreadsheets. Users are often forced to export their data to separate data analysis software to complete these tasks.

Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in solves this problem by adding new workbook functions for data analysis and forecasting to Microsoft Excel. Functions for weighted polynomial curve fits, cubic splines, linear interpolation, and data smoothing (moving average, median and Gaussian) are included. These new functions are all integrated directly into Excel and are used just like any other Excel workbook functions.

A more advanced "RegionFit" function and expanded spline interpolation options are also included to give users even finer control over the shapes of their curve fits. The "RegionFit" function performs a local regression (a.k.a. "Loess") fit. Users adjust the window size and fit order to achieve a perfect fit. The "FlexSpline" is a customized spline function which allows users to set the slope of the fitted curve at any point. Monotonic and other spline options are also available in the software.

Data Curve Fit Creator Add-in comes with full help documentation, as well as a sample workbook which fully demonstrates each new spreadsheet function. It is available for purchase from A trial version, demo videos, and further information are also available on the website. Discounts are available for volume purchases.

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